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My name is Hwaseon Kim and I've worked for seven years as an elementary school teacher in South Korea. I am currently in the Masters of Education program at University of Wisconsin. I graduated from the National University of Education in South Korea in 2009 with an Undergraduate degree in Elementary Education.


This website was created to show my 14 Week Social Justice Project. For fourteen weeks, I observed social issues that happened from around me to the world. I tried to see them with new angles and find the hidden meaning of each issue. In order to do my plan, I attended lectures, cultural events, watched speeches, read books and news. There are prejudices, discrimination, and desire for power between classes and groups. Most issues talk about “-ism” such as racism, sexism, ableism, classism. Fundamentally, these discriminations come from exclusiveness.



Hwaseon Kim 

Educational Leadership 729

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Email: hseon1118@gmail.com


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